—  Patty CorcoranAsst. Dean College of Arts and Sciences, University of Vermont


“Sarah is a gifted counselor – measured, open creatively, warm and highly compassionate. ”



— ClientQuote

"My experience working with Sarah, both individually and in groups, was terrific. She is attentive, insightful, and always made me feel comfortable, regardless the topic we were talking about."


Working with Sarah

—  Client work published by year, online and in print

I commit to not leaving any rocks unturned.

Have you ever hiked a path and noticed the piles of stones marking the trail?
People work with me to accompany them on their journey, much like the cairns you see along a hiking trail. I collaborate with people — like yourself, your student, or your client — to help them find the path they’re looking for and to stay on the trail they choose. As a therapist and coach, I support, educate, encourage, and facilitate growth and witness change. As an individual, I understand the challenges you might be facing


I am interested in getting to really know and understand your experience.

I will listen to you and hear what you are saying; I will ask curious questions, to explore problems with you and turn over all the rocks with you. My knowledge and my experiences will be available resources for you. I will celebrate the successes and milestones with you, big and small.


I will hold space for your process 

The path to where I stand now, in private practice supporting others in their journeys, has been full of ups and downs and strong emotions — fear, anger, sadness — with plenty of success and celebration. We each have a unique path and I am honored that you, and others, choose me to witness and support them in reaching the dreams and goals that have motivated you to connect with me.


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